13 course lute


13 course lute rose

13 course baroque lute by
Stephen Gottlieb


Accomplishments & Performances

Palais des Nations, Geneva.

Robin Thodey was invited by the United Nations to perform at the Palais des Nations in Geneva as part of the fiftieth-anniversary celebrations (attended by over 20,000 people). Her concert programme included her poem ‘For the Peace of the World’ which begins;

For the Peace of our World
May my lute strings heal with gentle music,
breathing peaceful sounds from the lute’s rose,
softening hearts into forgiveness, reconciliation,
Understanding, wisdom and love.

Were all the nations as the petals of a rose,
centred by the heart of peace;
A rose of indwelling harmony,
beautiful and fragrant, with fresh green leaves
For the healing of the nations.

May our world show love
and a cry of joy pierce heaven’s portals,
and Love dwell in the
Temple of human hearts.

Robin Thodey

Longleat, The Great Hall, Wiltshire.

To have a lute recital in the Great Hall at Longleat is to place the music in its proper setting, in the midst of those who were of Queen Elizabeth I’s intimate circle Sir Walter Raleigh, Robert, Earl of Essex, Sir Philip Sidney. John Dowland was lutenist to King Christian IV at the Royal Court in Denmark, while the composers, John Johnson, John Danyel and Anthony Holborne were the great lute composers and players at the court of Elizabeth I in England.

Her international performances include USA, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, New Zealand, while her unique performances were given in venues such as;

Carnegie Hall, New York - USA
Durham Cathedral, County Durham - UK
The Purcell Room, London - UK
Wawel Palace, Krakow - Poland
Westminister Abbey, London - UK
Wallington Hall, Northumberland - UK

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