Queen Elizabeth's Galliard: lute Music of Elizabethan England. Robin Thodey, lute

Queen Elizabeth's Galliard

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"Robin Thodey's superb musicianship caresses each melancholy Pavan and gambols through the light dances and fantasia in this programme of characteristically vivid pieces from the turn of the 17th century. The golden age of English lute music. Her technique is faultless as well as musically sensitive to the poise and style of the period."

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"This collection celebrates an important aspect of the flowering of instrumental music in late-Tudor England, namely dance music for the lute composed in honour of members of the Elizabethan court by its chief exponents Dowland, Johnson, Holborne, and the ubiquitous Anon. The ‘Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth’ herself, for example, is honoured with a galliard, her jester with a jig-like ‘risurrectione’, while other courtiers receive pavans and other dances."

Review by BBC Music Magazine.


Track Listings

John Dowland (1563 - 1626)
  1. Lachrimae
  2. The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth her Galliard
  3. The Rt. Hon. the Lady Rich her Galliard
  4. Lady Russell's Pavan
  5. Lady Hunsdon's Puffe
  6. Tarleton's Risurrectione
  7. Robin

John Johnson (d. 1594)
  8. Solus cum Sola
  9. The Frog Galliard
10. A Fancy (Poulton No. 5)
11. Fantasie (Poulton No 1a)
12. Delight Pavan
13. Delight Galliard
14. Passamezzo

15. Packington's Pound
16. Packington's Galliard

Anthony Holborne (c. 1545? - 1602)
17. The Night Watch
18. Cradle Pavan
19. The Fairy Round
20. Fantasie (Kanazawa No. 3)
21. Farewell

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