O Come Sweet Sleepe, Elizabethan lute songs. Michael Sanderson, tenor, Robin Thodey, lute

O Come Sweet Sleepe

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Dowland was the greatest lute composer of his time - 1563-1626 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I; his music was the popular music throughout this period. He wrote for the lute and voice - a vast catalogue of music - from love songs to songs of grief and mourning through to songs for the lords and ladies of the royal court. (It is from this repertoire that Sting has chosen his material and brought it to wider public consciousness.)

"For a more in depth repertoire of both solo lute and lute-songs by John Dowland, consult this title 'O Come Sweet Sleepe' with tenor Michael Sanderson accompanied by Robin Thodey on lute."

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Track Listings

Thomas Campion (1567 - 1620)
  1. There is a garden in her face
  2. When to her lute Corrina sings

John Dowland (1563 - 1626)
  3. Come again: sweet love doth now invite
  4. His golden locks time hath to silver turn'd
  5. Awake sweet love thou art return'd
  6. Come heavy sleepe
  7. I saw my Lady weepe
  8. Flow my teares
  9. Sorrow stay
10. Dye not before thy day

John Dowland (1563 - 1626)
11. Mourne, mourne
12. Tymes eldest sonne
13. Then sit thee down
14. When others sing Venite exultemus
15. Come ye heavie states of night
16. Wofull heart with grief oppressed
17. A shepherd in a shade
18. In darkness let mee dwell
19. Lasso vita mia, mi fa morire

John Danyel (1564 - 1626)
20. Like as the lute delights
21. Grief keep within
22. Drop not myne eyes
23. Have all our passions

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